SportsNight (5/12/16)

In a 30 minute show that tastes sweeter than 50,000 pounds of potatoes, Sam Brief and Ari Ross check in with women’s lacrosse’s Big Ten Tournament run, women’s golf’s Regional Championship win, and men’s tennis’ awards season sweep. Plus, SportsNight reporters caught up with softball coach Kate Drohan after earning her 500th career win and the club badminton team. And hear Sam sing and see Ari without a hat (and with a hat). Stay classy Northwestern.

SportsNight (5/5/16)

Freshmen Max Goodman and Evan Denton make SportsNight history as the year’s first freshman anchor pair, fighting through the pressure to deliver one of the best shows of the year. The duo checks in on Big Ten Tournaments for lacrosse and men’s and women’s tennis, and after a seventh inning stretch, reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that light something else? Plus, SportsNight staffers chat with Dean Lowry after he got drafted, Warren Long about his off-field passion, the football team as it cans for ALS, and the club baseball team as it plays its first home series in years. Ball is life.

SportsNight (4/7/16-4/21/16)


While waiting for May flowers, Lyndsey Armacost and Will Greer team up for an action-packed, memory-filled edition of SportsNight. They check in with on lacrosse and men’s tennis’ final home matches and find out which actor baseball coach Spencer Allen thinks would play him in a movie. Plus the duo can’t contain their excitement for World Intellectual Property Day, International Jazz Day, National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day and other April gems.


Veteran Noah Fromson returns to the desk after a quarter away and manages to draw Adam Braunstein away from playoff hockey for just enough time to host a jam-packed edition of SportsNight. The guys check-in on lax’s big week, discuss the start of spring football, and take a behind-the-scenes look at one of Northwestern athletics’ most beloved employees.


In the first show of spring quarter, Alex Lederman and Arielle Schwartz break down lacrosse’s rough week and men’s tennis’ hot streak. Plus, they bond over their mutual love of bagels.

SportsNight (11/12/15) and (11/5/15)

In the PENN-ultimate episode of the quarter, anchors Jacob Murphey and Max Gelman take a deep look at how Zack Oliver and Jack Mitchell led the football team to victory over Penn State, what Vic Law’s injury means for the men’s basketball sophomore class, and whether the field hockey team could defend its Big Ten title. Plus they brew a hot cup of controversy. Or do they?

It’s time for another edition of SportsNight! Anchors Will Greer and Ian McCafferty guide us through an important week for men’s and women’s soccer, look ahead to football’s game against Penn State on Saturday, and also add an unprecedented fourth Play of the Week! Plus: reporters Benji Cohen and Noah Fromson have inside looks at Northwestern basketball and the team’s exciting freshman class.

SportsNight (10/29/15) and (10/22/15)

Noah Fromson and Brandon Wilson break down how Northwestern earned bowl eligibility and what construction at Lakeside Field means for Northwestern intramurals. Plus, they check in with an unexpected Cubs viewing party. Be warned, though: corn-y jokes galore.

In Week 3 of the 2015-2016 SportsNight season, the anchor pair of Olivia Reiner and Preston Michelson put their undefeated record on the line. They lead us through Northwestern’s Homecoming loss to Iowa, soccer’s weekend at Toyota Park, to everything in between. Plus, reporter Noah Fromson and two key Wildcat football players take us on a trip down memory lane ahead of Saturday’s game at Nebraska.

SportsNight (10/15/15)

In this week’s episode, Lyndsey Armacost and Jesse Kirsch look at what went wrong for Northwestern football vs. Michigan, what went right for Northwestern volleyball vs. Penn State, and what went down at Big Ten Media Day for men’s and women’s basketball. And don’t worry, Lyndsey already made reservations for homecoming weekend.