Politicat 11/14/2017



What’s going on with the Republican Tax Plan? What’s Temporary Protected Status and how does it impact the future of immigration in America? And what was the most overblown story in this week’s news? Join hosts Tyler Kendall and Andrew Merica as they set out to answer those questions and more!

Politicat October 31, 2017



The Russia Investigation, the Republican Budget Plan, and the US presence in Niger all get broken down in this week’s addition of Politicat. Join hosts Andrew Merica and Tyler Kendall, special guest Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and guests Alex Smith and Marco Laudati as they tackle the biggest stories this week.

Politicat 10/03/17


Anchors Tyler Kendall and Andrew Merica tackle Gerrymandering, the Alabama Senate Primary and President Trump’s Tax plan with guests Rachel Frazin from NBN and Politics and Policy’s David Gernon. Tyler also sits down with one NU student to discuss the personal toll of the crisis in Puerto Rico.