Halftime: Northwestern 40, Indiana 40

By Greg Mroz

1st Half Reaction

1. Indiana is playing right into Northwestern’s 2-3 Zone

A zone defense will force offenses to the perimeter, and Indiana is just fine with that. The Hoosiers went 8 of 12 from three point range in the first half, with Nick Zeisloft hitting 4 of the 5 long range shots he took. The Wildcats may need to switch to man to man in the 2nd half if Indiana continues to work the perimeter for the majority of the shot clock until they find an open shot. The bottom line is that the Hoosiers are proving why they are the best perimeter team in the conference. Sometimes no defense is good enough to guard against that.

2. Vic Law has arrived

The freshman proved in the first half that Saturday’s game against Penn State was no fluke.  Law went 4 of 6 from the field with 2 three pointers to finish the half with 11 points. He is all over the floor, hustling to every ball, and more importantly getting open shots.

3. Alex Olah is winning the interior

Olah is much bigger than Hanner Mosquera-Perea, and he is making it known. Already in double figures with 10 on 4 of 8 shooting, the 7 foot Olah is getting position on 6’9″ Mosquera-Perea. The Hoosiers are a guard reliant team, and Olah along with others can take advantage in the key if they get good position on half court sets.