Minnesota week press conference

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Watch the entire press conference for more Top Gun jokes and to hear about a very important team meeting.

Northwestern debuts new all black uniforms to be worn for the homecoming game, October 18, against Nebraska. Photo by Ethan Cohen.
The new uniforms draw inspiration from the past, utilizing Northwestern’s original colors of black and old gold, and the gothic lettering found around campus.

-RB Justin Jackson was the NU offensive player of the week, Fitz said. Matt Frazier also played well.

-S Godwin Igwebuike was the NU player of the week but there are a lot of areas he needs to improve, like mental issues and communication errors. Igwebuike also won B1G defensive player and freshman of the week.

-Fitz acknowledged CB Nick VanHoose, said he’s playing the best of his career.

-Fitz complemented the  the Gophers physical running backs and offensive linemen.

-Both LB Anthony Walker and Igwebuike played well but both “can play better.”

-Older players have done a good job helping freshmen like RB Solomon Vault, Jackson and WR Cameron Dickerson, Fitz said.

-According to Fitz, Jerry Kill is “a war daddy” and the team reflects that.

-Schematically, Fitz said Minnesota is similar to Wisconsin but with more power running and more QB running.

-Because of Minnesota’s bye week, Fitz is expecting the defense to see things they aren’t expecting.

-Walk-ons and younger players have been making plays in special teams, has Fitz “fired up.”

-Last year Igwebuike was “on the flight deck” like Maverick from Top Gun, Fitz said.1042

-S Ibraheim Campbell won’t play this week, but Fitz said he thought that before he got hurt he was playing like he could play on Sundays.

-Fitz said Minnesota “dominated all three phases” against Michigan.

-A lot of runs on Saturday were the result of wide receivers making blocks, but Fitz said the team has to finish better.

-Melvin Gordon’s long runs were the result of schematic problems and missed tackles, Fitz said.

-Fitz said Passing game had some missed throws, and poor schematics inside the red zone.

-Fitz: “Never going to get upset with our students for partying” but not a big fan of people rushing the field because of safety issues. He did acknowledge, it’s “a good problem.”

-Fitz likes the new uniforms. Says it was one of the first ideas Under Armour came to them with.

-LB Collin Ellis: “probably a little bit of carry over” from Wisconsin, but every week is a different team.

-WR Kyle Prater: we knew after those two games “that’s not who we were.”

-Ellis: team meeting after the 0-2 start was a turning point for the team.

-RB Treyvon Green: similar front seven to Wisconsin.

-Ellis said players had fun in the postgame, but that they were expecting to win the game so it wasn’t as big a deal for them.